تعلم معنا

Learn English Conversation Valentine's Day

Hello .

Hi there .

How are you ?

I’m great . How are you ?

Pretty good .

Good . What have you been up to lately ?

Just spending a lot of time with my girlfriend .

Oh , nice . Do you two have big plans for Valentine’s Day ?

Yeah , I’m taking her out to dinner at a nice restaurant .

She’ll love that .

I hope so . I want to do something else special for her , too .

Like what ?
I don’t know. Do you have any romantic ideas ?

Hmm . You could always write her a poem .

That’s a great idea !

Yeah , I did that for my girlfriend a few years ago and she still has it .

That’s much better than a piece of jewelry that might break or get lost .

Definitely .

So what are you doing with your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day ?

I’m taking her to see a show in the city .

Oh , that will be fun .

Yeah , I’m excited and so is she .

Well , I hope it goes well. I have to run .

Thanks . The same to you .

See you later .

Later .

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