تعلم معنا

learn English conversation Fashion

Hi, how are you ?

I’m good , how are you  ?

Good , thanks .

What can I help you with ?

Well , I’m looking for something fashionable to buy my daughter .

Alright , how old is she ?

She’s fifteen .

Girls that age are usually on top of fashion .

Yes , she’s very fashionable ; unfortunately , I’m not .
Well , you came to the right store .

Only because my daughter recommended it .

Don’t worry , I’m here to help you out .

Good . I’m looking for summer clothing for her .

Well , the young woman’s department is right over there .

Wow , there’s a lot .

Yeah , we have everything your daughter could want .

Fashion was a lot simpler when I was fifteen . What do you recommend ?

We just got some new cute tops in that she would probably love .

Great! Do you have any swimsuits ?

Yes we do . One-piece or two-piece ?

She likes wearing a two-piece .

Ok , you can go talk to Julie in the young woman’s department .

Alright, great . Thanks for your help .

No problem . Have a nice day .

You too .

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